Passionate Members of European Skydiving Community

We have been jumping and competing in mixed teams winning several medals in different classes – prior to our new lineup. Now as a female constellation we found a new kind of team spirit and flying quality.

All SKYNAMITE team members have 1200-2500 jumps and are passionate skydivers: Most of us are either coaching teams, organizing or helping out in other teams or like to fly skydive planes. SKYNAMITE Coach is Sven Ibens – former member of legendary team “ISR Thunder”, Hayabusa Alternate and 8-way member.

200 jumps and 15 hours tunnel until WPC 2018

We are planning a monthly tunnel camp as well as 200 jumps via intensive training camps. Right now we are also setting up our competition schedule which will include 2-3 tunnel competitions and at least German Nationals and World Parachuting Championships as outdoor competitions in 2018.

As we all come from different areas in Germany – and our coach comes from Belgium – our training needs good planning. We will also be representing our sport actively as individuals: Janine is AFF instructor and will also be coaching in the tunnel (Liége and Bottrop) and outdoor (Kassel and Binz). Caro will be Coaching in the tunnel (Berlin) and outdoor (Fehrbellin) and is jumping 16-way competitions. Sandra and Yasmin will be organizing and helping out in other teams (Liége, Bottrop and Saarlouis). Traggi is coaching some new videoflyers and helps out in other teams as well – he also does tandems jumps in Saarlouis. Yasmin will also be flying in Norway (Voss) and other dropzones in Europe.