Skydiver’s Fitness

Our Fitness Guru and Outside Center Janine believes that it is very important to be in a good physical and mental condition to be successful in skydiving and it also makes you feel good (we agree!!). She recommends a set of excersises – for which you don’t even need any equipment to do them and you can do them anywhere, even at the drop zone during a weather hold. So here come her favorite exercises:

1. Plank: Start from the belly position, put on your forearms-elbows under your shoulder. Put on the tips of the feet, now lift your legs off the ground and keep your body in a straight line (like a board-your butt not too high). Your eyes directed to the ground. Keep it as long as you can and do not forget to breathe 😉

2. Diagonal Crunch: Go to the Back position and angle the legs, feet are hip-width, hands on the sides of the temples. Now move your right elbow to your left knee – at the same time pulling diagonally to each other and vice versa. Make sure to exhale together and inhale while lying down.

3. Variant (static): Hips in a line with the knee joint, hands one line above the shoulder (slightly bent elbow joint, the thumb should be relaxed to show up). Now loosen diagonally at the same time the left arm and the right leg, keep it briefly in this position as seen in the picture and then put it back in the upright stand.

3.2 Variant (dynamic): Keep knees and elbows together under your belly, do not twist the pelvis. Exhale to each other and inhale while stretching.

4. Squad: Standing shoulder width, with the buttocks pressed down towards the heel as shown in the picture, exhale, the knees should be rotated slightly outwards and not be pushed over the tips of the feet, keeping the back as straight as possible. The easiest way to collapse your arms. When coming back, breathe in the vertical position and do not stretch your knees at the start and end points.

Do you also do some exercises to stay fit? Do you have other ways to be successful in skydiving? I’m very interested in your opinion about this topic, so, if you like, give me your feedback.

Yours – TJ