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Hey Ladies! Do you have a sporty and ambitious attitude, are current in FS AAA and eager to jump FS 4way on a higher…

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Meet our Cameraman: Traggi!

Thorsten Jung – nickname „Traggi“ – is our XL Version of a teddy bear. He did his first jump at FSZ Saar in 2007 and has found his passion as tandem master and video man. We are super happy that Traggi is flying with us as a professional video guy AND as our „Rock in the Surf“.

Traggi is the man of all Team Pictures and Videos and puts us into the perfect scene. As the one and only boy flying with us he is always the invisible one… but thanks to his great personality he is omnipresent by heart. If you hear death metal in the morning, smell pulled pork being smoked or are forced to look at hilarious youtube videos it’s probably Traggi 🙂

First jump: 2007
Home Dropzone: FSZ Saar, Saarlouis
Skydives: 2300
Tunnel time : 15 Minutes (in Eloy with Thomas Hughes and the Team :-)))

Protect Yourself – Ear Protection for Skydivers

Skydiving is more dangerous for your hearing than you might imagine. Every jump your ears are packed full of decibels, from the roar of the plane’s engine to the thunder of the wind during freefall. Also spending hours in the wind tunnel is a very noisy business.

In the same way you protect your ears when you hang out by the speakers in the front row of a live concert, you’d be best advised to protect your ears when you go skydiving. Especially if you jump quite often – like we do while team training  –  it is useful to have a pair of trusty earplugs.

The best protection you’ll get by a pair of customized earplugs from an audiolologist. You will have to invest about 100-150 Euros, but it is definitely worth it. These little fellows fit into your ears perfectly… and they are very comfortable to wear. And don’t be scared of overhearing important sounds like the voices of your skydive buddies during the climb – this will not be the case.

SKYNAMITE Inside Center Sandra got her brandnew pair of customized ear protection just some days ago. She could choose out of several colours, and picked the one that is best visible in case they fall onto the grass while taking off the helmet after landing – a bright red. She only had to visit the audiologist once for making an imprint of her ears. This takes about 10 minutes, and you get bright green silicone injected into both ears, and ok you look quite stupid while waiting for it to dry. 😉

As a result you get two interesting looking templates of your ear canals. That’s it!

Three weeks later the earplugs were ready for pickup… right on time for our next team training.

Some time ago the German Parachute Association published some interesting facts about noise in skydiving on their website. They are absolutely worth reading (available only in german).