SKYNAMITE On Air again :-)

Starting the season after a long period of tunnel training can be disappointing. But if you focus on all the facts that will be different you can approach them from the start – e.g. subterminal phase, no references (like tunnel walls), different weight and balance. But most important – be safe, practice your emergency procedure and look after each other! Blue skies, everybody 🙂

Meet our Outside Center: Janine!

Janine – nickname „TJ“ – is a real Skydive Girl. She was only 5 years old for her first tandem skydive. Her father, her twin brother and her sister in law are all skydivers as well. So skydiving has always been a family thing. Janine is also Tandem Master, AFF Instructor and FS Coach. She has already competed internationally in Dubai, Chicago and Teuge.

Janine is our fitness guru. She goes to the gym whenever she can. Providing the team with her selfmade salad specials our food manager Janine takes care of our health and strength. She is a very talented skydiver and coach and a great team member to have on board 🙂

First Jump: 2007 in Marl (Germany)
Home Dropzone: Several drop zones
Skydives: 1955
Tunnel Hours: 80

After Camp Team Building

Driving to tunnel camp directly from a hard working week, sprinting through sessions and debriefing leaves no time for talking girl’s stuff or other private topics. We need to know each other well to train hard, skydive as a team and compete at highest level together. So we gave ourselves a Saturday Night and Sunday Morning for some Team Building time with a great meal, our favorite wines and great talks. = creating even more SKYNAMITE Girl Power

New Rainbowsuits almost flying by themselves!

A team looks like a team when they wear the same stuff. But also when the stuff they wear flies well. We thank Rainbow Suits for creating our state of the art and custom fitted flywear. We were super happy to be able to try them out before our first outdoor camp and Indoor Nationals in April. Thank you Rainbow for powering these beautifully cut suits with perfect grips and powerful booties – we love them!

It’s a bird – it’s a plane – it’s Aerodyne!

Thank you Aerodyne for powering our super comfortable and beautiful harness. Our order was professionally taken care of by Herman Landsmann and the Aerodyne Team in Deland. We where surprised how fast and accurate everything was delivered and the high level in quality is remarkable. We also chose to skydive with Smart Reserves made by Aerodyne because of their good performance and quality. Outdoor season can come!!!