Qualification World Cup 2019

Thanks to our short term Plan C Birte Cordua as alternate on Outside Center – we managed to qualify for World Cup 2019 despite the circumstances of Janine still being injured.

As our Tail Caro has a new job at EasyJet and is short on holiday we managed to do all the jumps in 3 days so Caro could take off just in time for her next flight… Phew :-))

New Rainbowsuits almost flying by themselves!

A team looks like a team when they wear the same stuff. But also when the stuff they wear flies well. We thank Rainbow Suits for creating our state of the art and custom fitted flywear. We were super happy to be able to try them out before our first outdoor camp and Indoor Nationals in April. Thank you Rainbow for powering these beautifully cut suits with perfect grips and powerful booties – we love them!