After Camp Team Building

Driving to tunnel camp directly from a hard working week, sprinting through sessions and debriefing leaves no time for talking girl’s stuff or other private topics. We need to know each other well to train hard, skydive as a team and compete at highest level together. So we gave ourselves a Saturday Night and Sunday Morning for some Team Building time with a great meal, our favorite wines and great talks. = creating even more SKYNAMITE Girl Power

New Rainbowsuits almost flying by themselves!

A team looks like a team when they wear the same stuff. But also when the stuff they wear flies well. We thank Rainbow Suits for creating our state of the art and custom fitted flywear. We were super happy to be able to try them out before our first outdoor camp and Indoor Nationals in April. Thank you Rainbow for powering these beautifully cut suits with perfect grips and powerful booties – we love them!

It’s a bird – it’s a plane – it’s Aerodyne!

Thank you Aerodyne for powering our super comfortable and beautiful harness. Our order was professionally taken care of by Herman Landsmann and the Aerodyne Team in Deland. We where surprised how fast and accurate everything was delivered and the high level in quality is remarkable. We also chose to skydive with Smart Reserves made by Aerodyne because of their good performance and quality. Outdoor season can come!!!

Meet our Tail: Caro!

Her real name is Carola Fietz – but the skydiving community knows her since 1992 as „Caro“. If she is not touring the world as flight attendant Caro will be found skydiving (4-way and 8-way), scuba diving or skiing. When we met her first she arrived at the airport with only a tiny bag and a big smile.

11 years of swimming used to keep her fit. Now she goes to the gym to optimize her days. Caro is an early bird, turning on her music after waking up. „Rise and Shine“ seems to be her motto in life. That’s what we like about her (at least after our first coffee) 😉

First Jump: 1992 in Klatovy
Home Dropzone: TAKE OFF Fehrbellin
Skydives: 2230
Tunnel Hours: 120

bc-unity powering our Data Management

In Skydiving we need our videos to debrief our jumps and to do our homework behind the scenes. Skydiving is all about being prepared and mentally on track for those expensive seconds during freefall or tunnel. So we are super happy that the bc-unity team sponsored us a 3,7 TB NAS including their magical setup and user administration so we can upload, download and manage our videos, fotos and schedules. Thanks bc-unity for your awesome support!