We know that sponsoring needs a beneficial relationship!

So if you would like to provide us with a powerful equipment deal we will offer you a great variety of pictures and videos complementing your products in an authentic and positive way. We will also use our direct influence at the dropzone and our social media channels to spread the fondness of your brand to the skydiving community.

As a sponsor for training you can submit your purposeful donation to DFV (German Skydive Association) and we will dedicate our training camps to your brand. We will be proud to wear your patches on our suits and take pictures with your promotion shirts. Everything will be liked and tagged on our facebook site. Individually we can also be booked to accompany your VIP tandem guest or perform a motivational speech at your companie’s event.

For sponsors who would like to help us travelling to Australia we would offer to provide your brand with authentic content and the story to our team journey – beginning now and following us to the World Championships 2018 in Australia 🙂