SKYNAMITE Xmas Cookies

Adding some Yumminess to your Indoor Season 🙂

Real skydivers like to be outside in the sunshine, free falling into blue skies, sweating through a great training camp or just funjumping with friends.

Even if we have great indoor windtunnels in Europe we still lack a good amount of fresh air and light throughout wintertime.

So our Inside Center Sandra took some flour and lots of sugar and created a fabulous new interpretation of the seasonal christmas bakery. Try it – it’s destressing and lots of fun at the same time!

…and it’s THE greatest christmas present for your skydiving friends. GO TO RECIPE!

Important Notice:

These cookies

  • are not vegan (well, at least there is no meat in them..)
  • are not in the least sugarfree
  •  same for fat – you get a full blast

…and we like it like that 🙂

 (If you need an English recipe version please contact us)

New Girlpower rocks and wins German Nationals 2017

All of us have been jumping and competing in mixed teams for a long time now – with several medals in different classes. We never wanted to jump in a girls-team… But now as a female constellation we found a new kind of team spirit and flying quality. From left: Carola Fietz, Sandra Dederichs, Torsten Jung (Video), Janine Tillenburg, Yasmin Schütte

Photo Credit: Carmen Budrat